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Here on parole by Jenah St.

This visual poem is a confession to the Earth: humans shall not be regarded as more valuable than any other living beings. Tensions arising between dancing natural elements, wilderness, man-made constructions and their impact on a landscape are recurring themes in Jenah St. ’s approach to design and visual identity. Will we respond to this invitation to embrace unity and to breath as one?

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As Above

When your Earth Plane feels a strong sense of pull, setting in motion an enigmatic chase thru a maze of dimensional time… leading you to an intended chance encounter with your Higher Self… witnessing her give birth to your Light Self… inducing the epiphany that both are alive and well inside of you at this moment in time, sparking your Earth Plane Self to orgasm into enlightenment... As Above ... 

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In Z Zegna we see tennis champion Alexander Zverev take on a tennis-playing machine on the courts. When the machine comes to life – shaking with exertion, releasing smoke like sweat and making metallic sounds like breathing – could Zverev have met his match?

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