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The Future is Inclusive.

Founded on the basis of inclusion, sustainability, and community, LAFF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit platform produced by The kulturspace Foundation for forward-thinking creatives & brands to showcase collaborations and incite meaningful exchanges.


Originally conceived as the LA Fashion Film Festival, the inaugural festival was held over two days in 2018 at Fred Segal on Sunset Blvd and Technicolor Experience Center. It was a dazzling showcase of how fashion, lifestyle and tech are blending to create future visionary experiences.

Poised as a cornerstone of LA fashion events, the festival returns in 2019 as LA Fashion Festival (LAFF), showcasing progressive ideas via an immersive cultural experience of film, retail, innovation, and beauty influences.

A 2-day festival taking place on September 20, & 21, the LAFF 2019 program will include daily screenings of fashion films, workshops, masterclasses, pop-ups, lectures, and stimulating experiences, with the awards show taking place on the final evening.