#LAFFF2018 Highlights & Recap

LAFFF was a dazzling showcase of how fashion, lifestyle and tech are blending to create future visionary experiences.


2018 Winning Films






The design process and inspiration, the state of the menswear industry today, formal dress and the casualization of the business uniform, and the challenges for emerging brands and personal presentation. more info

What do we consider to be a fashion film? What makes a film a fashion film and when is it not considered one? Is fashion film for everyone? What is fashion film, what is the purpose of it, what makes it what it is, and who defines it. more info

What is the role of fashion in the process of questioning one's identity? Personal experiences and storytelling will lead the warm-up to the discussion. more info

Why do we have the need as consumers to go for a more spiritual and sustainable fashion? This panel seeks to understand this new form of consciousness from different perspectives. more info

Where do new technologies stand in fashion and art? Where are we now? Why and how have new technologies changed fashion and art? Where are we going? What are the next technologies? How do we see the future? more info

How to build a brands DNA with the use of social media platforms and new technologies. more info