FaFa Fashion film | 2018 Winner of Best Innovation

A film in which the model wears nothing but accessories, presented as works of art, who play the lead role in the film. Fafa becomes a metaphor. She changes faces, multiplies herself, blurring the line between photography and 3D motion design. Everything is an illusion. Anything is possible. 
Just as in today’s fashion, the interpretations can be endless. What counts here is personality, style and unique character - fashion introduces us unknown territories. 

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” - says Alan Key, educator and visionary.

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Bartek Kalinowski

Animation Director, Motion Designer, Project Lead
Born in Warsaw, a graduate of Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology, specializing in Multimedia. He has been working professionally for the last 12 years as a 3D graphic designer. Bartek constantly seeks for the various forms to express his ideas. He combines the latest technology achievements with modern design. He deepens his knowledge on new media – Agumented Reality and Virtual Reality. In his short animations and renders which he makes every day, Bartek lets his creativity out. Sometime those “Everydays” turn out in something much, much bigger... just like with the “Roppongi Boys” musicvideo. It was awarded at KTR 2018 with the golden sword for Costume Design, the silver sword for Design in Motion & the bronze for Video craft / Animation. Aslo the “Roppongi Boys” was nominated at Berlin Music Video Awards 2018. Bartek's was also nominated at Yach Film Festiwal 2011 for “Inspiracje 2” videoclip and in 2012 his n-tv station identity was noticed by international community of branding experts (Choi's Gallery, Brand New Awards). After work, he spends time with his two kids for whom he's an inspiration and the other way round. He runs and walks on the mountains.