SOUL LAND | 2018 Winner of Best Cinematography

Your first love feels like a drug. It’s bodies interlocked like Tetris blocks, it’s giggling at hickeys, it’s looking at the world through those heart shaped sunglasses in a completely un-ironic way. Your first heartbreak is a dagger. It’s gorging on cake, it’s kissing with your eyes open, it’s bumping into your ex snogging someone else in an elevator.



Born in anarchistic Christania, then hardcore skateboarder in his teens and now with a university degree in filmstudies – Meeto has a unique style all of his own.

His work is full of humanity, aesthetic sensibility and a knack for storytelling. He always sees the human connection while he explores new worlds, looks and locations. During the last 5 years, he has made spots for Reebok, The National Lottery and the iconic Danish skateboard brand ALIS and his latest musicvideo, BOY – has been viewed more than 15 million times – which also got praise from the Rolling Stones Magazine.