A visual poetry: Glamour vs Consumer

We know advertising fuels our desire for material possessions. We know It promises happiness, but never delivers. We're judgmental of hoarders... even our great aunt.

Yet when running the daily gauntlet of buying opportunities online or on foot, we still fall into the trap of thinking we must have that one more thing. And while on the fence, idyllic future self fantasies are manifested of our new life with that item. It helps justify that this "one last thing" is worth making an exception for... and into the cart it goes. All the while personal debts & personal storage boom.

Our life can be better enjoyed by intentionally rejecting. So avoid RAGRET and just Say NO!

Inspired by the alluring Isabella Blow- Queen of Fashion, elegance, eccentricity and grace, Gabriela chose her to personify in as her idyllic self. She created her swan like, hand-made outfit and hat out of ordinary recycled and repurposed materials: silks, feathers and tulle.

Issy Blow belonged to the English nobility, she used her aristocratic connection to the high society to influence, cultivate and nurture people she admired. She expressed herself freely, encouraged by her husband, Dentmar Blow, yet the misfortune of not being able to have children, inspired her to dedicate her efforts to hone and muse talented people, Alexander McQueen being one.

As a antidote to the first dramatic portrayal, we see a casually dressed woman at a retail store suddenly pulled out of a daydream while holding an object she is deciding to purchase or not. That is the question.


Eric Soboleski

An LA based cinematographer, Eric creates rich visuals for fashion/beauty, lifestyle and music video. His passion is collaborating to create, extract and capture the true beauty each situation presents.

As owner and operator of BEFORE INFINITY PRODUCTIONS, Eric also utilizes over a decade of experience directing, editing and producing to take on entire projects from pre-production to final cut with his talented team of artists.

In addition to traditional filmmaking, Eric is also a pioneer in online interactive 360º video. He co-founded SOCIAL ANIMAL, an interactive media agency, and for five years he traveled the world creating stunning ULTRA-WIDE images their one-of-a-kind cinematic 360º camera system, SA-9. www.SocialAnimal.tv

This wide range of experience behind the lens has developed his thorough understanding of the multi-media world we live in today. Eric is always looking to collaborate with fellow creatives to keep pushing the boundaries of the many extraordinary forms of visual expression out there today... and tomorrow.