" A Confluence " by Variously

There is a growing need in the fashion & design industry globally , to create awareness about the process & people who are contributing their unique heritage skills into making of textiles that travel from cluster to closet.

As a sustainable brand since its inception in 2016, Variously believes in putting its people front and forward and enabling more power in the process of creation than just consumption.

Anjali Purohit, the principal designer & founder of this small brand with large heart, has been a part of core fashion industry & worked hands on with several artisanal clusters for 15+ yrs before she started her niche label to exclusively work in this domain.

Instead of mindlessly following short lived trends that change every few weeks or a fast fashion production cycle that is alarmingly adding to the pollution level globally by also choosing to keep core issues of ethical wages & working conditions of people in factories in the back burners , at Variously we are creating our own custom channel of production which might be very small but is direct and connects to people from diverse cultural backgrounds which has become the quintessential spirit of our brand,

We created our honest attempt through the documentary A CONFLUENCE By Variously, which is work in progress of people coming together from different cultural backgrounds who are sharing their voice , their intent & love for their legacy, a craftsmanship that is forging to exist through the power of handloom.

A fresh documentary shot entirely on site by collaborating with creative team in Nepal , it showcases short interviews of artisans, master weavers, yarn spinners who live & work in Nepal and collaborate with Variously, a sustainable design brand based in Michigan USA.

What drives these artisans to sustain their legacy for handloom is what also drives us to create artfully functional sustainable textile pieces that are now reaching socially consumers through various meaningful platforms.

A cross cultural collaboration, we see our textiles as a creative platform rather than mere products , a platform that is connected on grass roots level. A process like hand weaving is painstakingly slow but also needs to be pure, mindful & gentle on the hands of the creators & wearer. As an independent brand we believe in enabling economic well being of these artisanal communities in the remote interiors of Nepal by creating a value chain of sustainable textiles.

Our short film / documentary adds to the movement of creating transparency & accountability in fashion industry which we see as a powerful visual tool for independent responsible brands like Variously.

Restoring & reviving these heritage techniques through modern design narratives is what Variously intends to create , one textile at a time. Reinterpreting textiles for urban lifestyle spaces by exclusively using only the finest qualities of natural yarns, eco friendly dyes , join us to learn more about our journey that we share with these skillful artisans who are truly connecting the dots of keeping fashion sustainable in times to come. Check more about our collaborative work at www.studiovariously.com


Studio Variously

When diverse cultural backgrounds & heritage skills are combined with mindful production choices , it builds the quintessential spirit of variously as a sustainable brand , one textile at a time. Based out of greater Detroit area in Michigan, variously exclusively collaborates with master artisans ( directly , without any middlemen ) to pursue custom designs driven by concepts, rather than short lived trends.

Since our inception in 2016 , 12 -15 master artisan families have collaborated with us , who are 3rd/4th generation weavers , speciality dyers and heritage printers. Only finest qualities of natural yarns are used in our textiles which are ethically sourced from countries like India, Nepal, Australia, Belgium.

Our dyes specifically engineered to optimize their eco friendly content like promote conservation of water , discard toxic chemicals that pollute natural resources. Some of our dyes are custom made from vegetable extracts & other natural resources like eucalyptus, tree bark, coffee waste as well.

As an independent brand variously launched its capsule collection at paris fashion week in 2018. Our first short documentary was featured at fashion film festival Milan. We were chosen as the artist in residence at Eileen Fisher , making space , in their Michigan store. Variously has participated in several pop ups with other international brands and advocated for ethical wages & fair working conditions for our artisan partners at united nations global artisan summit in Dec 2017.