"Behind the Label" by Waste-Ed

The unsustainable business model of fast fashion is polluting our planet, abusing its workers and filling our clothes with hazardous chemicals. Yet consumers continue to buy from these brands in enormous quantities. As consumers buy more and more clothes, the issue of textile waste becomes a growing concern. What happens to these cheap, disposable clothes when we no longer want them? The fast fashion industry has been exposed in recent years and yet, nothing has changed. A few “green campaigns” from the big brands will not create the change that is needed. How can we, as consumers, force brands to accept accountability for this industry? What is sustainable fashion and where can we find it?


Katey Wilson

Katey is a director, writer and producer for Waste-Ed, a media channel that was created to drive change. Waste-Ed focuses on education and awareness about sustainability, climate change and the environment. We want to provide people with the knowledge that they need, to feel empowered enough to make changes in their everyday lives. Waste-Ed is a part of the Maffick media portfolio. Maffick is a global digital media startup.