29 year old creative director , Chaz A. Jordan , relocates from Paris to Los Angeles with only 10 minutes to develop a narrative through cutting edge POV and doc-style story telling as he unveils an intimate glimpse into the world that he has become an authority in.


Riley Robbins

To Riley Robbins, film is about making an emotional connection. It’s about falling in love with the way people move, the way they speak or touch. He finds that raw feeling in their dance, their words and looks, and he delivers that in its purest form. Robbins’ unique perspective has enabled him, in just a few years of moving to Los Angeles, to direct for some of the biggest names in our times. Aside from Nike and Jordan, he has also worked with Pharrell Williams, H&M, and Kevin Durant.

A director is not just the sum of his equipment, but, as an artist, the sum of his experiences.