Unplugged tells the restless journey of Giulia between her dreams and reality through the meanders of her ego. The answer to her anxiety will be solved only by the encounter with her innermost and deepest fears. At the end of her wandering, through encounters with archaic and mythological figures, Giulia will discover the meaning of life and the authentic and frightening power of freedom.

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Aksinja Bellone

Aksinja was born in Turin, Italy from Russian/Croatian Heritage in 1988.
She experienced her senior year abroad in Usa from North High School in Wichita, Kansas ,
back in Italy she completed her education with a Foreign Languages and Lighting Technician degree.
Former model/actress, she worked in films and commercials firstly as camera assistant, cultivating her love for fashion photography that brought her to collaborate with many modelling agencies as well.
She is now directing her own films, talking a lot about women and their power.
She loves being behind the camera and creating with the cinematographer dreamlike and unconventional shots.