LA 129

A young boy interprets the life on the streets of Los Angeles with dance moves and poetic words. They are the metaphor of human life nowadays: cruel, full of love, not to trust.  A contemporary point of view on the concept of lust. Whatever we consider lust at the present day is nothing but a waste of time and effort, since lust is not what fives meaning to the life of men. In the end, we discover that the words we hear are the Sonnet Number 129 written over 500 years ago by William Shakespeare. They are ancient, yet apply so much to our lives.

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Michele Bizzi

Born above the Garda Lake in 1985, he chose Milan as his playground. He began his career as assistant director and sound designer for live theatre, but after coordinating post-production for the feature film Maledimiele, he decided to create his own video factory. That’s how Kinedimorae started, a creative group now active on several multi-language projects: short movies, web series, commercials, music videos and cross-media projects. Between directing and acting, he can’t decide on his favourite. He strongly thinks that a sense of humour is a hint of intelligence.