It’s year 2150. As one of the final people on earth, Delilah comes across a worn luxury plastic handbag. She is immediately transported back to the initial product and continuing through the duration of the bags life through its’ different stages. Will Delilah be able to change the future of the world?


Clea Cullen

Clean Cullen is an experimental filmmaker, music composer, fashion photographer, and experimental media installation artist. Originally from Atlanta, Ga., she is now studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design. She will graduate with a BFA in Film & Television and a minor in Music Production.

The unique L.A. Fashion Festival content was created by SCAD School of Fashion students in collaboration with students from the award-winning SCAD film and television program. SCAD School of Fashion is comprised of degree programs including accessory design, business of beauty and fragrance, fashion, fibers, jewelry, fashion marketing and management (FASM) and luxury fashion management (LXFM). SCAD School of Entertainment Arts encompasses degree programs including film and television, sound design and performing arts. Cutting-edge resources and equipment combined with an experienced, acclaimed faculty facilitate student development to create tomorrow’s entertainment industry leaders. SCAD has long been a destination for international luminaries across disciplines to connect with emerging talent. The university provides these visits as opportunities to celebrate remarkable work and unprecedented careers. FASM and LXFM students lead the art direction, story and production design of this unique content, in tandem with film students’ technical expertise and conceptual cognition. See the L.A. Fashion Festival …as only SCAD can.