Above Under

Above Under is the suspenseful story of facing your own actions in the industrialized capitalist system of the fashion industry. The film documents the journey of one individual, oblivious to her own role in the degradation of the environment, confronting the waste and bondage of industrialization. Horrified by the trauma of detritus, she understands the role she plays in this cycle of wasteful fashion and frees herself from the captivity of inaction.

The only way out is up....

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Grace Caroline Pickett

Brooklyn based director, Grace Caroline Pickett, has been honing her skills in fashion media for the past several years. Originally a fashion photographer, Grace blended her love of fashion and film to create the perfect marriage of her two passions. Grace’s evolution into directing allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her talent even further. Her background in editorial fashion photography allows Grace to blend cinematic storytelling with fine art fashion media.