The Chase - Porsche X ramp

Ramp Magazine celebrates 70 years of Porsche, with exclusive video by Spingun Films.

Berlin, Germany: Ramp Magazine pays homage to 70 years of Porsche Fascination Sportscars by commissioning a new video from Spingun Films, featuring Masha Sedgwick. The film celebrates a lifetime of exhilarating driving, featuring a 1968 911T Porsche and a Porsche 718 Cayman.

An air of mystery pervades the short. The female protagonist (portrayed by Masha Sedgwick) symbolizes the car through her power and unattainability. Director Daniel Eceolaza worked with the art directors’ Thorsten Osterber and Alexandra Kinga Fekete idea to shape the film around a central female secret agent. His wish was to “challenge the dated form of 70s spy dramas, which was so often dominated by men. This concept felt too old fashioned – empty, even.”

The video celebrates 70 years of Porsche Sportscars – a lifetime’s worth of high quality driving – and looks forward to 70 more years of risking the chase. The use of 16mm film pays homage to the past, while the empowerment of the female character represents Porsche’s emphasis on innovation and renewal.