ANGEL by Qπш Robert Kupisz AW 2019

ANGEL is the seventeenth collection of the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand. The new collection for the Fall/Winter season of 2019/20 was illustrated with a film and a series of black and white photos by Daniel Jaroszek.

“We live in a constant threat, drag along demons of the past, search for support in various places, look for answers to questions that have no easy answers. We wish for a moment of rest and a safe shelter, an Angel that will protect as, an Angel that will take a fight and chase away all evil. This was my inspiration and this is what the film promoting the collection is about – the eternal fight between good and evil” – says about the collection Robert Kupisz, and adds: “We present the Angel collection in the form of a short film, and not our standard show, because we want to present the essence and spirit of the Qπш brand to the international consumer”.

In his inspirations, the Designer delved into extreme topics. From niche subcultures, often treated as social outcasts, sort of fallen Angels, to innocent First-Communion suits and vestments. The whole collection is of course proposed in an unconventional, truly “Kupisz” style.

The collection is kept in black and white, and grey with glimmers of silver, gold and bloody red. Very telling slogans were used on the clothes: SECURUS (safe in Latin), AMEN (so be it in Hebrew) and a quote from the Psalm 91:11 “For he will order his angels to protect u wherever u go”. It also had to include wings, which appear in the form of overprints and patches.

Kupisz’s man and woman are strong personalities, ready to fight for their own rights and not afraid to express themselves through avant-garde stylings. Their outfits are often clothes inspired by military uniforms, protective clothing and uniforms of security companies. The brand’s offer had to include oversized t-shirts, hoodies, loose denim dresses, sequin and mesh tops. In the collection, the vests, jackets and trousers sewn with silver polyamide catch the eye, as well as shiny, sequin skirts and dresses. The novelty is own collection of jewelry, which supplements the silhouette styling: earrings and pendants with the Qπш logo.

In the film inaugurating the premiere of the Angel collection, the director took us to the alternative techno party, where two worlds, which are the inspiration for creating the collection, clash. The main character traverses underground corridors in search of the symbolic good. Despite many temptations and distracting madness, he doesn’t fall into the vortex of the world around him, but persistently pursues the goal, where his Angel waits for him. The choice of music is not accidental and also refers to the main themes of the collection. As the main music background we hear a choir singing, clashing with a muffled, heard as if from behind the wall, club music.

The film is accompanied by photos, where main characters of the film present clothes from the newest collection in hypnotic, even trance poses.


Daniel Jaroszek

I like doing things that make my heart thick faster. But what I like even better is accelerating other people’s pulse. And that’s just what I do. I pump light, color, movement and – most of all – freshness into the visual bloodstream. Every photoshoot, videoclip and ad is an opportunity to tell them something new. Give me a rule and I’ll break it.