Safari Ya T-Sheti. The journey of a T-Shirt by Kipepeo-Clothing.

Since 2008, Kipepeo-Clothing is supporting schools and education in East Africa by selling organic garments, printed with designs created during regular school lessons at primary schools in Tanzania. In our documentary "Safari ya t-sheti - The journey of a t-shirt" we introduce you to the work of Kipepeo-Clothing and show you how fair and well-made clothing is produced on the east coast of Africa.

“Nani ametengeneza nguo zako” - We'll show you who made your clothes!

You will see how organic cotton is cultivated on rain-fed fields in central Tanzania. We take you to a “Mitumba” market and tell you about the negative and positive effects of second hand clothing on East African markets. We show you every single step of our t-shirt manufacturing process to give you a better understanding of how many people can benefit of such a simple product as a T-Shirt when it´s fair made. We introduce you to the people who are the foundation of Kipepeo-Clothing and give you a transparent and informative insight into our unique project!

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This documentary was made with great support by our friends and suppliers Biosustain Ltd, Sunflag Ltd and Mantisworld Ltd.

It was recorded in summer 2016 by Franzi and Martin from Kipepeo-Clothing who had never filmed a documentary before- but we think it worked out quite well:)!

Asanteni sana! Thanks for watching and sharing! 
Yours Kipepeo-Team

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Martin Kluck, Pia Mendez