New technologies in the collection by Outlaw Creative in partnership with 
This spring Outlaw Creative together with created capsule collection — Mailman. 
It consists of 4 items made of technological garments: bomber jacket, backpack, hoodie and keychain. 
All the items are made of water and wind resistant materials with military straps and buckles. 
Every item has NFC microchip stitched inside behind the @ logo for verification via the Outlaw Moscow app (available in the App Store) starting March 1st. 
In the campaign ‘mailman’ travels from Moscow to Singapore and Georgetown and back. The story behind the campaign is the interconnection between technologies and traditions of the West and the East. 
The collection is exclusively presented at GUM ‘Section’ and at 
Outlaw Creative is a studio of the Outlaw Moscow brand. 
Creative directors are Dilyara Minrakhmanova and Maksim Bashkaev.


Diyara Minrakhmanova, Maksim Bashkaev

Outlaw Moscow fashion brand stands in avant-garde of the new wave of the Russian art life.

Founded by the duet of Russian designers Di Minrakhmanova and Maxim Bashkaev it concentrates on the cutting edge outerwear and innerwear designs and represents the very independent and unique Moscow fashion style culture. However, the ‘outlaw’ has grown up into something wider than just a clothing brand, it has formed the unofficial community of the young creatives and talented professionals, united by the same values and love to freedom. It has all started in Moscow and now goes global.

Outlaw people set the new cultural and fashion trends, forming the international community of the independent, creative and free-minded people.