KidSuper - Wedding Season

Emerging fashion brand Kid Super wanted to make the perfect corduroy pants to propose in — with a knee patch on one of the legs for support. They proceeded to create the KidSuper necklace and quickly realized that the packaging could be used to bear a ring. From there, 'Wedding Season' was born. From there, the brand solicited the help of Canadian director Adrian Bellaire to create a whimsical fashion-parody film of Wedding Crashers.


Adrian Bellaire

Adrian Bellaire is a director based out of Toronto. Growing up in Detroit, he began telling stories as a musician and fell into filmmaking in order to express himself through broader medium. His work often pairs soft colours with stylish motifs, incorporating elements of minimalism and high fashion. His commercials and music videos constantly strive to push the boundaries of visual standards. He has directed commercials for major brands such as Roots, Air Canada and Starbucks, and his music videos have been featured on platforms such as Harper's Bazaar, Hypebeast, VICE and BET.