If We Were Young

Through a grandpa's perspective, and he is imaging a younger version of himself being with a younger version of his wife, living in a modern time.


Siqin Bian

Siqin Bian is a director and photographer based in New York City. She attended The School of Visual Arts where she received her Masters in Fashion Photography. Originally born in China, and later on she moved to New Mexico before pursuing a career in fashion photography in New York City. Siqin loves to capture people and fashion, and often brings her set on locations.

With a background in mixed cultures, Siqin always tries to put narratives and imaginations in her work which brings out a different prospective and intimacy about her subjects. “Imagination has no limits.” Siqin believes everyone is a moving movie, with many beautiful scenes to capture and interpret.

Her work has been published in Vogue Italia, Harper’s BAZAAR China, and Judas Magazine.

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