"It`s the cruelest thing in the world. Death is better. When you are dead, the pain stops. But hope keeps raising you way up high, only to drop you to the hard ground. Hope cradles your heart in its hand and then crushes it with a fist. Over and over. it never stops. That's what hope does"

With that quote from Harlan Oben everything started. I felt in a deep melancholic mood for weeks, to create a story, to get deeper inside that feeling of hope. Hope is in the German a such strong word.

"A story came up on my mind, about a young girl, living in our time. But she has an very old soul living inside her body. Night by night she is visited by a demon like creature, the husband of the that old soul. he didn't rest the last hundreds of years, loosing more and more of his hope to find his only love. We created this dream world inside that young girl, where those two old souls meet again and find their "hibernation"." Film directed by Christina Hasenauer and Dominic Packulat.