The collection, the movie "beyond" shows, is inspired by the bag ladies of the American cities. They are dressed mostly in shabby clothes which they can buy cheap on the streets or find in dumpsters. The idea is now to give those bag ladies a well deserved upgrade regarding their appearance. Therefore we create the imaginary bag ladies 2.0 for the collection “Put me back together again“. They are still bag ladies who depend on finding damaged garments and fabrics in trash cans, but through their craftsmanship skills they are able to design high quality garments out of it. Thereby they show the beauty of “imperfection“ in their handcrafted clothes and their details. So does the film. It shows a haunted house full of dust, cobwebs and dirt. The bag ladies outline the contrast to this abandoned old house they occupied. Even they're surrounded by garbage, they are still ladies dressed like fashion icons.

Y . Their first film, titled M O N O - Y, won several international awards, including Best New Italian Fashion Film at Fashion Film Festival Milano in 2017. Both brand and Not(e) for a Dreamer explore youth culture. Playing with the idea of reinventing the past into something contemporary, the film translates M O N O - Y’s sense of discovery and search for identity into cinematic language. 


Christopher Stark

Christopher Stark was born in Athens. First he studied architecture and art and traveled the world. After he did a documentary about Thom Mayne in LA, he studied directing in Berlin. 2010 he began to work on several commercials, feature film, documentaries and short film projects. Among others he worked on spots for Audi, Mercedes Benz, Hugo Boss, or Strellson. 
He is talented in telling stories with strong visual imagery. And he is always seeking for state of the art technologies to transport his visionary ideas. Some of his films are part of international festivals, for example the Berlin fashion film festival, or the Berlinale.