“GOD SAVE THE YOUTH” is a visual exploration of youth culture, identity, sexuality, and interpersonal connections.

"God Save The Youth" is a duel medium work consisting of a short film and a small capsule clothing line. The project explores the essence of youth from the teenage point of view while commenting on topics such as identity, sexuality, interpersonal connections, and youth culture as a whole. Religion was used a device to juxtapose the freedoms that I believe the youth possess. The naïveté we possess as youth are what allows us to freely make our own choices without any regret. These choices we make are what define who we become. Ultimately I wanted to create a project that challenged the constructs and pressures placed upon the youth to abide by the standard." - director, Daveion Thompson.


Daveion Thompson

is a New York based director, art director, and designer who hopes to engage the world in a eclectic and original way.

He has a strong affinity for the conceptual and ideation process, and utilizes many mediums to tell stories. Whether it's film, motion graphics design, or photography, Daveion is always seeking to create authentic and genuine work.