Chromatic is a fashion film built around the idea of colour. Colour as a complete audiovisual experience, colour as texture, music and sound, light, editing, movement, makeup, aesthetic, and of course, fashion. From primary colours that turn into secondary colours when mixed, to holographic, black and white, pastel, nude, metallic, duochromatic, neon, cold tones and warm tones. All of these types and concepts are expressed in Chromatic as an audiovisual journey through the spectre and posibilities of colour.


Monica Lilac

21-year-old film student from Spain, now finishing 4 year degree in Cinema and a specialt in Production Design. She has worked as a Costume Designer and Stylist for different short films and a movie, and 2 years ago she has directed her first fashion film, Afflare. Since then, She has found passion for this particular form of audiovisual art, and has been developing different projects as a Creative Director and Stylist, being this the last one. She is also a synesthete, and this condition has always affected her art greatly, focusing what she is doing around colour, music and aesthetic.