Driving of her gleaming red convertible car, a determined young woman get into a red movie with her favourite weapon in her trunk.

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Baptiste VALLON

Un Homme Une Femme is a French creative duo (film, art direction, brand design…) co-founded in 2018 by Gaëlle and Baptiste Vallon.

Gaëlle received a degree in history of art and then in business school. She began her career as a creative Brand Strategy Manager, color specialist. Baptiste, for his part, was formed in Fine Arts School by several teachers of Higher College of Decorative Arts. He started his career as Art Director in advertising for several major agencies such as : Havas, DDB, TBWA.

Together in life for 15 years, they decided to confront their artistic point of view and create Un Homme Une Femme. They imagine their films with a strong aesthetic approach. They bring a touch of humour and approach their films as creative short films with an engaging narrative.

1H1F is Androgynous, sophisticated, sensual and casual with a touch of chic and snobbish humour.