The short film MANTLE was created as both a VR immersive and 2d filmic experience.

The narrative of this film is conceptually based from the idea of a relationship to ones center, and the balance of destructive and harmonizing forces within, which we explored through archetypes of self personified in our four principal dancers, and supported by our chorus of 8 elder dancers within the piece.

At the heart of the idea was to turn away from the stage / audience relationship found in traditional performance and to engage the viewer of one at the center of a created world, in a way that felt more personal, involving eye contact, and all revolving around this center point of view.

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Theo Stanley

Theo Stanley is a NYC based director, cinematographer and visual artist with experience in the film, fine art, and commercial industries. Theo utilizes his experience and education in the visual arts to empower his films, bringing an approach of classic photographic cinema and craft in balance with an ever questioning and experimenting eye.

In 2003 after completing MFA graduate studies, Theo started his company New Mountain Inc, a creative company offering production and post production services related to Theo’s abilities as a director, cinematographer and editor.

Theo established himself as both an artist and technical expert in the commercial moving image world, with a focus on fashion, luxury, and elevated documentary projects.

In 2010 Theo founded HARBOR PICTURE COMPANY in creative collaboration with director and editor Zak Tucker, expanding the scope and scale of operation in production of a range of projects including narrative films, documentaries, music videos and commercial advertising with a specialty fashion division.

HARBOR clientele includes New York’s prominent advertising agencies, as well as direct to client services for a variety of moving image needs. A partial list of clients include GAP, adidas, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, St John, Beyonce, Nautica, Chanel, Estee Lauder…

Recent directorial projects include a 30 minute documentary portrait of Yohji Yamamoto, entitled ‘Yohji Yamamoto : This is my Dream’.

Theo also frequently collaborates with Bruce Weber’s films and commercial projects, including moving image work for Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Moncler, and Bruce’s feature documentary projects, “A Letter for True”,“Chop Suey”, and Weber’s upcoming “Robert Mitchum : Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast”, premiering at the Venice Film Festival in September 2018

Theo collaborated with director Chiara Clemente as Director of Photography for her documentary feature film “Our City Dreams” with screenings at Moma / Film Forum / Sundance Channel.

Theo graduated Magna Cum Laud with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Photography from SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts.