In an undefined future, a casting for an unknown project is taking place. This strange and mysterious casting process takes places in a desolate factory. Only 2 persons are invited, although, it seems like there have been many others. A MAN and a WOMAN, soon they will find out that the casting is an experiment on self discovery to define the true meaning of YOU, which is believed by many, that it will bring light on earth.



Daghan Celayir

was born in Istanbul, 1978. In 2008, he produced and directed the short titled “The One Note Man” which was screened in 82 film festivals including Rotterdam and Angers, and have won more than 15 prizes including the Jury Prize in 53rd Valladolid IFF, Best Film in 32nd Cine de Elche IFF and Audience Award in Sao Paulo Film Festival. The film was screened on Canal Plus France & Spain, France 3, TVU Japan. In 2013, he co-directed a short animation titled “A Cup of Turkish Coffee”, a French Turkish co-production supported by ARTE & CNC. 
It won the Best Short Film Award at the 51st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and the 59th Valladolid IFF Meeting Point in 2015. Daghan is extremely well founded technically and has a contemporary visual approach and a talent for spotting a good story. In 2011, Daghan directed Time Run for Red Bull International, among 11 other films that he made for RB, this particular one has been part of World of Red Bull Campaign aired worldwide and in Super Bowl Finals 2012. In 2017, the commercial film “Home of Turquoise” that he wrote and directed for Turkish Airlines and Ministry of Culture, was selected as the best tourism film world wide by International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals. The film received 22 awards (9 Grand Prix) in all major film festivals on tourism films. After it’s release the film has been viewed more than 60 million in the internet, aired in most of the TV channels and cinemas especially across Europe and North America. Along new commercial film projects, he is now developing his first feature “Ghetto Drifters"