The Story Of Luca

The Story Of Luca is the story of the modern existential thinker, Luca.

The film unfolds through the conversation between Luca and a female friend in which Luca explains a returning dream. Inside the dream universe, feelings of inadequacy mixes with the present and the past, and develops into thoughts of past friends and lovers, and how looking at art can move you to a different, more sensual place.

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Bjarke Underbjerg

Born 1991 in Copenhagen. Bjarke Underbjerg is a versatile filmmaker with experience from documentaries, music videos and other artistic productions, always with a focus on the aesthetics and patos.

Bjarke Underbjergs first feature length documentary film, 'Influenza (On Kirstine Roepstorff), had its world premiere on CPH:DOX in march 2018.