The Holy Ghost


A fashion film in response to the removal of the 8th amendment from the Irish constitution.

The Eighth Amendment prohibits abortion in almost all cases. The referendum in Ireland led to both sides fighting a fierce campaign. Yes group ‘Together for Yes’ was the umbrella group campaigning to repeal the Eighth, and had youth and social media as a huge support.

Vote no groups ‘LoveBoth’ and ‘Save the Eighth’ were in favour of keeping the amendment, receiving most of its support from the Catholic community. Where local Priests and Bishops warned practising Catholics that if they voted yes to repeal the 8th they were no longer welcome back at mass and were not true Catholics.

Irish women need to be freed from the Veils of shame and secrecy imposed by the Catholic Church. The stranglehold the Catholic church has had upon this country is evident in the archaic 8th. But on May 25th 2018 the Irish people voted overwhelmingly to repeal the 8th meaning that the women and girls of Ireland will no longer be under the attack of this dark veil of oppression and shame.

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Táine King

Born and raised in Co. Monaghan in Ireland, fashion, film, and portrait photographer, Táine King is one of Ireland’s most exciting talents at this moment. Driven and focused on producing creative visions, her work has blossomed over the past ten years. Along with creating powerful visuals Táine has also recently branched out into the film industry and has continued to flex her creative muscles by working with leading actors, producers, and directors. Her work in the film industry has quickly made waves as Táine’s work has been acknowledged by film festivals from around the globe, in 2015, her fashion film ‘Embryo’ was aired at Milan Fashion Film Festival, and she has produced a short film ‘Fingerprints’ with Award winning director Jimmy Smallhorne that has already be selected by the Oscar qualifying festival In Galway (The Galway Film Fleadh) and Boston FIlm festival. In 2015 Táine was also producing her first feature film which Also made the Oscar qualifying festival In Galway (The Galway Film Fleadh) in 2017 along with qualifying for Boston and Cap Cod film festival in 2018 .

Táine is recognised for her individual style, along with her ambition and industry experience and this shows in the numerous productions she has Directed, produced, art directed and project managed within the film and fashion industries.