The Desert Dwellers

The Desert Dwellers is a fashion film for fall/winter 2019 menswear collection created by Fashion Designer Maha Abdelrahman for her graduation project from Ipac Design Genève. Maha's concept of the designs marries men's suits, and Bedouin Tunics to signify protection, union, and a state of vulnerability in manhood through oversized garments, some of which can fit more than one person at a time. 

The concept of the designs was brought to life through the visual interpretation of Director Nada Hashish.

The film is an ode to openness and tolerance of emotional expression as there is a wide misconception that if men show emotion or fragility, then it takes away from their masculinity.

The Desert Dwellers film was produced by Magnet Connect Dubai. Magnet is a Stills and Film production company that believes in the power of compelling storytelling.

2018-12-11 11_24_10.980.jpg

Nada Hashish