TATE Modern - Pierre Bonnard

This piece was made for the Tate Modern - A visual representation and peep into the life of the French artist Pierre Bonnard, his wife's death (Marthe de Meligny) and their life of solitude in the country.


Elliot Gonzo

Elliot Gonzo is an award-winning director from London. His first short film, Sour Milk, was recognised by BAFTA and has won several awards including ‘Best Story’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ at the London International Filmmakers Festival and ‘Best Short Film’ at the Bournemouth Independent Film Festival.

Elliott has recently worked with the Tate Modern directing a story-driven commercial about the artist, Pierre Bonnard, The Colour Of Memory and is currently developing a feature-length documentary on Indian Bodybuilding called Tight.

Elliott has also worked on a number of music videos including Aneek Thapar’s Glow in which an article was written in Shots under ‘New Directors’.

Elliott’s films all come from a distinctive, hyperreal world. Whether he’s directing fictional murderous milkmen and yeast-addicted bakers or documenting bodybuilders and Finnish DIY ice rally racers, his eye for surreal details and dark humour elevates mundane or familiar aspects of the world we live into a seductive yet dystopian otherness.