Theresa is a young and talented writer who is struggling to finish her novel. As an attempt to find inspiration and understand her protagonist - a wild and free runaway named Chloé - better, she leaves busy and noisy Paris and heads on a journey to wherever the road will take her. 
As night falls, she finds refuge in a remote wooden cabin lost in the woods. 
But as she settles in, Theresa discovers there is already someone living in the house. And this someone is named Chloé.


Lola Bessis

Lola Bessis is a young multiawarded French filmmaker and actress. In 2013 she directed her first feature film SWIM LITTLE FISH SWIM that she also starred in, that received numerous awards at prestigious international festivals such as SXSW; Rotterdam; SAO PAULO. It received great critical acclaim and was released internationnally. SHe is now writting her 2nd feature film. She also starred in numerous movies and TV shows and will soon star in the TV reboot of Peter Weir's Picnic At Hanging Rock. Runaway Baby is the 2nd mini series she directs for a fashion brand.