"Rise" will paint a picture of one man's journey that led him away from mistakes and heartbreak. Ultimately the story will shed light on men in the African American community and reject negative stereotypes of violence by showing sensitive personal perspectives. This story will focus on the introspective views on the true meaning of self-awareness, acceptance, and pride. Rise explores a juxtaposition of classicism and futurism. This fashion film will illustrate an artistic interpretation of the initial message all while framing the fashion in the film

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 Amber Curry

I've always been passionate about creating a fashion story visually through developed concepts. Creative direction is where I see myself within the fashion industry. I consider myself a conceptual designer. Taking the more conceptual route when creating a piece tends to flourish into infinite dimensions as new ideas become attached to my work and broaden even further. The best part about the creation process is finding peace in the direction that unfolds, organic free-flowing mentality that mimics within the art resulting in exciting, innovative and new outcome.