Oliver Peoples, In Conversation with Tasya Van Ree

The most potent forces, those that compel extraordinary individuals to create the things that move and inspire us, are passionate and sophisticated. As an extension of our 2018 campaign, “In Conversation” directed by Ivan Olita, we offer an intimate glimpse into the days of five creatives. In these vignettes, we see the talents engage in discussions that grant insights into their crafts, delving into their varied inspirations and aspirations to reveal five ingenious ways of seeing. Ultimately, the series not only paints an aesthetically and intellectually captivating portrait of each persona, but also offers a greater understanding of the artistic practice. 
For this short film, Tasya van Ree takes us through her creative process and talks about the things that inspire her. Tasya is best known for capturing the characters that inspire her through her camera’s lens, yet some of her most significant creative moments are solitary and introspective. The enigmatic artist invites us into her serene Los Angeles home to observe those private moments – both in the darkroom and overlooking magnificent Malibu Canyon, which ignite van Ree’s poetic creative spirit. 


 Ivan Olita

Ivan Olita is a filmmaker and creative director and founder of production company Bravo