Nobody's Angels

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Román Reyes

Actor, visual creator. I have a weakness and obsession for the light, the eyes and the reflections...All everything that comes along with it. Specially lightening. When I was a child I used to paint, so I used to fill up my classroom with my paintings - some of them with made with sand-, I used to hit my bicycle for learning on a stubbornness day. There was no other way: It was given to me, I won it on a sand castle contest. Sand, little pieces of minerals, also-much bigger, obviously- I was a collector. I do hate some people who call them rocks.

Later on I stepped away from painting for entering on the digital world and do graphic design, I still keep on doing it combine to my other two confronted passions: acting and filmmaking. Films, I tried my best on each one I create. Catching the light after all. Either way Stories to find the light in me. And for my own story.