No Boundaries

Our story is a poem. Our story is a feeling. Our story is a mosaic of moments – a moving, visceral collage of colors & shapes, hollers & whispers, energetic & effortless expressions of kinetic life. Our story is not here on paper, it is out there in the streets – in the crisp wind at sunrise and beneath the flickering frenzy of the metropolis.

Join us as we fall into the wild tangle of our lives to share an expressive, kaleidoscopic poem – an ode to feeling both lost and found in a world with no boundaries.


Director/Poet Keenan Newman was commissioned by Banana Republic to design a Fall 2018 media series that would celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary. This “No Boundaries” anthem film is one of 27 short films Newman directed for the campaign.

The concept “No Boundaries” was conceived in-house by Banana Republic Creative Director Len Peltier as a way to emphasize the brand’s modern versatile classics “designed for a life with no boundaries.” All the media generated for this campaign grew out of that creative inspiration.

Newman worked directly with Banana Republic leadership and partnered with production company Strike Anywhere to produce this experimental fashion film. Shot in Northern California and in Japan in 2018, the film travels with its eyes open, inviting the poetry of moments to speak for themselves.

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Keenan Newman

I am inspired by magic, myth, folklore; by listening; by swirling rhythms that rattle and bend our lives; by passion that shouts with symphonies or silence; by poignant moments of unhinged emotion that make us feel proud or heartbroken or nostalgic.

My background is grounded in studying history but my imagination drags me toward fiction. My heroes all found voice in the poetry of the land and I am learning that my roots are growing in that direction too.

I grew up in a small town in the central valley of California, but I have lived in Santiago, Chile; Skåne, Sweden; and in a van in the Arctic Circle. I breathe easier when I am swimming in music, or water. I am a student and I plan to continue my studies by talking to strangers.

I do not believe in borders and I think that the most inspiring works of art do not hold back.