Anna, a 24-year-old artist goes through basic problems in life, has anger issues and suffers from a creative block and decides to go into isolation and indulges herself in art while feeling empty from inside, angry and grieved at the same time. Due to frustration she spills blue color all over the canvas and goes through an episode/flashback sequence where she is drowning in pain and then goes through weird and absurd experiences or a “Bad Trip” and also encounters with her alter ego. Her “Bad Trip” neutralizes a bit and she has gotten rid of her alter ego and starts to finally enjoy her own company. It changes into a “Good Trip” when she is in the nature and sways with the flowers and trees and finds herself in the middle of a flower field before she opens her eyes in her art studio.

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Priyanka Sarkar

An independent filmmaker based in New Delhi, India, who just completed this film "NAMASTE" as her graduation project from Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi, India, along with a thesis on "Psychedelic Sixties" which also is inspiration behind the film. She is also a professionally trained Bharatanatyam dancer as well as Western dancer and an art appreciator, fashion media communicator and adores the art of filmmaking.

Priyanka Sarkar has made few shorts, including Lollipop, inspired from film-noir, a fictional storyline based on the screenplay by Priyanka. It was made on a shoe string budget and as her second short, it got a lot of appreciations.

On her first film, Reverie (a short film), Priyanka was mentored by Christina McGillivray, who runs a successful film production house based in New Delhi – Mummy Daddy Media Pvt. Ltd. This was again a shoe string budget film, based on the screenplay by Priyanka and inspired from fairytales and purely fiction.