Mrs. Poucheau

“Twilight never comes twice in the same day” 

Mrs. Poucheau is the latest film by up-and-coming Spanish director Amanda Lago. Played by actress and singer Cachito Noguera, the film tells the story of a woman torn between the past and the present, life and death, youth and maturity. Conveying strength and sorrow at the same, Lago shares the struggle of coming to terms with losing our loved ones, in which being reminded of the past is both a source of pain and joy. 

The protagonist is many women at once: mother and daughter, wife and widow, lover and friend. She’s hard, yet tender, voicing her most intimate thoughts as she searches for a way to accept her new reality. The connection to her past is symbolically played by a doll, Mrs. Poucheau herself. With the words: “Mrs. Poucheau keeps smiling. Just the way she was when you left her behind. Around you everything would smile.”, we become immediately aware of what she’s experiencing and are able to relate to her emotionally. 

The strength of Mrs. Poucheau lies in how the film is able to address an uncomfortable topic through its beautiful cinematic language and carefully worded script. Thoughts that often internalised shine through this highly emotional piece without any self-pity, only empathy. In less than five minutes Mrs. Poucheau shares an incredibly powerful, yet familiar story of a woman’s journey in accepting change and appreciating its beauty.


Amanda Lago

Amanda Lago is a Spanish award-winning director. She is a writer, director, composer and editor with the great ability to transfer human emotions onto her films. Conveying relationships, experiences and feelings, she makes use of the cinematic language to share her view of the world. She has directed several commercials, series, fashion films and music videos, with her video for musician Fatal Tiger winning Best Song Soundie 2017 at Soundie Music Video Awards and his film Alex y Teo winning Video of the Day on VOTD.