Leo for 76666Apparel

76666, a young music label from Karlsruhe in Germany, is not only wide-ranging, when it comes to their style and genres. Their various events are always accompanied by experimental visuals, artworks and graphic design. The same applies to their fashion. Always on the hunt for bargains and hidden jewels in local thrift shops and flea markets, the seven artists started to customize the pieces with their own understanding of aesthetics and founded a whole new scene in their city. 

Upcycling the clothing, not only comes from a financial need as students, but underlines their nonprofit label and brings it to another level. Their collection of branded second hand apparel represents their manifoldness in art and design, but also in their way of living. 

"Leo" is part of a series, that represents their lifestyle and is of course, supported by the labels own music.


Max Viktor Herbert, Vanessa Bosch