Kill Your Darlings

"KILL YOUR DARLINGS". Fashion is Dead. Maarten van Mulken’s collection is a middle finger against this statement. ‘Kill your Darlings’ is a movie about the life and death of the things you love. It's a surreal impression of a girl and her fears, her sins, her joy and her hopes. It's a moment between life and death, where she asks herself why she had to die.

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Pascal Baillien

Pascal Baillien is a director, writer and producer, based in Belgium and Los Angeles, USA. His strong and cinematic way of directing and more than 20 years of experience in filmmaking, make him a multi- dimensional storyteller. With his visually driven campaigns for clients in the fashion, music and corporate industry, and use of a wide range of techniques, he is able to create powerful images. He worked with high end talents such as Barbara Palvin, Charlie Sheen, Jean Claude Vandamme and many more.

After graduating (Communication Design – BA) he enrolled for an MA in Visual Arts at the IUAV (Venice), where he was introduced to the art of filmmaking. He lives and works in London since 2011.

As well as winning 'Best New Italian Fashion Film' at Fashion Film Festival Milano 2017 (FFFM), his fashion film M O N O – Y won Best Score for a Fashion Film Prize at the Canadian Fashion Film Festival 2017 (CANIFFF), and was officially selected at Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017 (BFFF) and Brussels Fashion Film Festival 2017 (IFFFB) among others. His most recent short film, The Future, won the first prize at Visioni Italiane 2017 (Bologna, Italy) in the category ‘Visioni Acquatiche’.