Increase The Life Span Of Your Clothes

“Increase the life span of your clothes” is the word game that sets in the feeling of caring and safety, of the mental comfort also connected to the material world. For Halo Labels designer Ala Sowiar feeling good in our clothes, learning how to take care of the body and the surroundings we occupy, is directly linked to the awareness. In the precarious chaotic reality where humans forget how to just be, and how to tune into their pure self, Halo Labels '17 offers a collection that affirms freedom, well-being and pleasure of being who you are. The campaign film and the photographs show a movement practice class in which the models are able to comfortably celebrate the unrestraint movement, peace and togetherness.


Emilia Kurylowicz

Polish artist and film director based in Berlin, is mostly known for her music videos for artists, such as Dillon, Light Asylum and Nite Jewel. Living between two centuries, two political and economic systems and technological eras, Emilia puts her focus to emotional and anecdotal aspects of human experience, confronted with what humans created and believed. Her hybrid approach to storytelling comes from the state of transition and misplacement, creating a unique blend of subtle dystopias and bizarre atmospheres. Currently, she is working on a lyrical sci-fi allegory short film inspired by beggars, celebrities, weird fashion and music videos. 
website: IG: @kurylowitch


Ala Sowiar

Designer and founder of Halo Labels ( studied Intermedia (new media and installation art) in Poznan, Poland. After a BA moved to Berlin to continue the program on Universität der Künste (Kunst und Medien). There she was especially interested in video art and video projection’s surfaces, how a texture of a textile can influence a projected image and change its appearance. She was creating screens from the different materials and so got closer to the textiles and their wide possibilities of shaping not only physical objects but the digital images as well. While working with the fashion, she first starts from the fabric’s texture as well. She gets inspired mostly by nature and it’s fractal based patterns when it comes to the structure, colors or shapes. She treats textile like a soft memory carrier, a man-made matter we’ve put on our bodies, one of the most essential things in our cultural evolution.