A beautiful woman in a convertible drives along a single road through the vast desert. Feeling lost and confused, she is looking for someone on a quest to find herself. A luxury resort rises like a shimmering mirage in the desolate landscape. The woman believes the person she is searching for is staying there. She receives messages from a disembodied, god-like voice. As she is dining alone in the restaurant, the person she was seeking suddenly materializes – she was a doppelganger. The imposing landscapes of the Grand Canyon and Amangiri, are the stage for her moment of spiritual awakening. "GOOD RED ROAD" is a perplexing mystery film embellished by high fashion and captured by stylish camerawork, conveying a universal mysteriousness through a language of intuitive images.

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Masashi Muto

Tokyo-based Masashi Muto began his career by designing catwalk visuals for world renowned fashion designers Issey Miyake and Comme des Garcons. Since then, he has cemented his reputation as an innovative director with a flair for exquisitely crisp photography and beautiful imagery. Helming videos for such artists as Death in Vegas, Kelly Rowland, Frou Frou, and Shiny Toy Guns, this versatile filmmaker has also shot many commercial spots for a wide range of A-list clients. His body of work has garnered several accolades at prestigious award shows including MTV's Video Music Awards, and has been showcased at international festivals including Rotterdam, Resfest, and Edinburgh Film Festival.