Our Choices Echo. In a world divided, we are shown two possibilities - one where harmony is the fruit of our actions, and the other, a desperate dystopian climate that bares the product of our mindless consumerism. We make our choices now. The first of it's kind, Eco is fashion film about sustainability solely featuring eco-ethical fashion.


Mariel and Marita Gomsrud

Two passionate directors from Norway. Together they founded and created ForLove Productions an LA based film production company aimed at creating conscious media. The twin sisters both got their start in the film industry in front of the camera acting and modeling. Wanting more creative control as artists they began writing, directing and producing their own films. The directing duo have a rebellious spirit and are fearless in their pursuit to create thought provoking content that challenges the status quo, and inspires human connection. Their films have been shown internationally, including the Cannes Film Festival being a highlight. Their love for the world and collaboration have allowed them to go to Malawi in Africa to build water wells and most recently to Oregon to co create a film "One Nation Earth" with First Nations and Indigenous tribes worldwide. ForLove is committed to artistic integrity and exhausting the boundaries of media. Mariel and Marita's dreams are to inspire and make the world a better place for all beings through the art of filmmaking.


Courtney Barriger

American author, performing artist and designer. She is known for writing and illustrating literature and creating short films with which she performs and directs. Her short films have been shown internationally, and she has been acknowledged by Women's Entertainment as "America's It Girl" by winning a reality based TV program with a reading from her novel "NightBook Short Story Anthology.” A Rebel with a Cause, she launched Holding Court - a sustainable and ethical clothing line based in LA - with the aim to bring fast-fashion awareness to the table though film, literature, lectures and sustainable products, and has been recognized by the United Nations Association as "The Future" of fashion for her design composition. Courtney lives in Los Angeles and continues to pursue her passion for travel, storytelling and design.