different ways of loving Antonio Marras

Fashion film: different ways of loving Antonio Marras
In order to tell about its "By Grace" winter collection, Antonio Marras has appealed to his
roots more than ever. He has therefore undertaken an interior journey through the maze
of his land, Sardinia. A mysterious, enveloping, mystic, ancestral, magic land. The video
was directed by Giulia Achenza, over a period of two days that may appear like two years
such are the differences in territory and climate. Under a garish sun which makes
everything still or a wind that bends it all, under a purifying rain or in a darkness where no
one can lie.

Like Saramago said: " You have to see what you've missed the first time, see again what
you already saw, see in the springtime what you saw in the summer, in daylight what you
saw at night".

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Giulia Achenza

Giulia Achenza was born in 1989 and raised in Olbia (Sardinia). She attended the famous
Cattolica University in Milan for three years, but then decided to follow her heart and study
Fashion Styling at IED Institute. She graduated in 2014.
"Leakage", the video which was the core of her graduate thesis, won the first edition of
Milano Fashion Film Festival as "Best Italian Fashion Film".
From then on she has focused on a film-maker and director career, and has teamed up
with various brands and magazines such as Etro, Armani, Pucci, Marras, Vogue, i-D, Vice
and so on.
Currently she is also working on the production of music video clips.
"My aesthetics is a blend of my origins, my present, my love for cinematography, and
everything is interpreted from my feminine point of view".