Official campaign for concept boutique store ALL U Re.
A visual metaphor which deals with the recurrent theme of "blind" adoration within our culture.

A seemingly hypnotized girl enters the uncharted territory of following a mysterious character through her otherworldly behaviour. Attracted to her new surreal aura she turns into a blind imitator, but soon comes face to face with the realisation that her copycat act will cost her more than her autonomy.


Yo Vo

I have MA in Film Design from the Royal College of Art, London. My interest lies in visual mnemonics and the way we remember, imagine and dream. I am fascinated with visual portrayal of characters, spaces and atmospheres soaked in idiosyncrasy as well as motifs of timelessness and uncertainty. Recently I’ve been also captivated by the importance of humour. The playful, childlike curiosity and approach to life is probably the only thing I wish to take seriously.