Cocoon: Beyond The Light

Beyond the light is a fashion documen- tary depicting the work of Italian pho- tographer Rossano b. Maniscalchi. This documentary pays homage to his most iconic photograph, Cocoon. The film de- picts the creative process behind the making of this image. It is a simple yet poetic story of a master and his muse at work. Beyond the light is not a reproduc- tion of the existing art, more so an ab- stract interpretation of how this artistic moment might have felt.

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Frederico Stauffer, Marco De Ornella, Maria Burns

Marco De Ornella is an international award winning actor, model and film producer. Marco began his career as an actor in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He moved to New York City in 2011 to pursue his global career. Following his graduation from “The Ameri- can Academy of Dramatic Arts” and “Stella Adler Studio” he undertook projects in col- laboration with artists from all over the world alongside working as a Model in New York. In 2015, his performance on the Off- Broadway show “Infinite while it lasts”, has granted him the award for “Best Brazilian Actor in the USA” at the “International Bra- zilian Press Awards”, and the “Portuguese- Brazilian Awards” held at the Lincoln Cen- tre. Marco is also the founder and CEO of LOBO FILM PRODUCTIONS, a film produc- tion company he founded in 2015 to create meaningful entertainment for global audi- ences. His films have been shown and re- warded at prestigious film festivals around the world.