Young and rich people are getting bored in an old Italian mansion. That’s when Amanda notices that her reflection in a mirror is coming from another era. The mirror becomes fluid and Amanda is thrown into a surreal world where different epochs melt with memories from real life and allegories. 
The journey, inspired by Lewis Carrol’s novels, ends in the morning, when Amanda comes back to reality; but people are happier, carefree and still fashionable. 
Casamorati is a perfume lineup by Xerjoff, with recipes that evoke the old ages, from the XIX century until Belle Epoque. 

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Michele Bizzi

Born above the Garda Lake in 1985, he chose Milan as his playground. He began his career as assistant director and sound designer for live theatre, but after coordinating post-production for the feature film Maledimiele, he decided to create his own video factory. That’s how Kinedimorae started, a creative group now active on several multi-language projects: short movies, web series, commercials, music videos and cross-media projects. Between directing and acting, he can’t decide on his favourite. He strongly thinks that a sense of humour is a hint of intelligence.