Beautiful Colors

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Beautiful Colors is a glimpse into a forgotten way of seeing. As we make our way into adulthood, the intensity of how we experience the world as children gradually fades away. Flavours are not as sharp, smells are not as pungent, and colors are not as beautiful.

This is what director J.A. Moreno visually illustrates with his latest short film. Inspired by Tennyson’s Favorite Things, Beautiful Colors tells us of how we’ve become tainted by society, losing focus of the dreams, hopes and goals we initially set out with.

Helped by those who have managed to stay true to themselves, Beautiful Colors is a reminder of those special moments when we are finally able to truly see again.

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J. A. Moreno

J. A. Moreno is an award-winning Spanish music video director based in Los Angeles (USA). He has worked with artists such as Andrés Calamaro (3x Latin Grammy Award-Winning), Blasterjaxx, Juicy M, Alison Wonderland, Luka Caro, Fernanda Martins, Joe Stone, Marsal Ventura and Esty Leone, as well as collaborated with labels such as Warner Music, Sony Music, Universal Music, Spinnin' Records and Audiocode Records.