Beauty and Terror (π+µ) is a a visual poetic and musical journey through the hidden human emotions inhabiting our subconscious. Every 7 years I’ll tackle a new emotion, but I started with, well, love. To that purpose, I’m utilizing the Ancient Greeks’ seven words for love (infinite π), exploring through improvisation and/or structured melody and dance what these definitions mean. I’m also exploring their opposites, which are also tackled through my own work and other people’s interaction with me and with it (µ) and their fear of vulnerability.

Awakening (pragma) is the 7th film of the series, and the middle point of the project exploring long lasting love through dance and poetry, which are a narrative thread in all the films so far.

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Ramon J. Goni

As a director, a DP and an experimental video-artist he is constantly curious about everything that unfolds before his eyes; from the little unnoticed stories that flood our everyday lives to the big narratives that drive our existence.

Film is ultimately about human emotions. If somebody sees the world differently after watching a film - no matter how they see it - and feel something about it - no matter how intensely - mission accomplished!