Murielle Victorine Scherre | LAFFF2018 Jury Member

Filmmaker, Designer & Owner of la fille d’O

Murielle Victorine Scherre is just what you would expect the woman behind la fille d’O to be: witty, spunky, quirky, bold, and impassioned. She, through the help of her small team, built a brand that acts as a haven for alternative lingerie enthusiasts. Her vision for a world unfettered by touched up campaigns and lingerie that allows for nearly any shift of the occasion is a refreshing, welcome change to what we have gotten used to from other brands. From deriving inspiration for the brand’s name from a movie about domineering a woman to scraping the classic sizing system and creating her own, Murielle definitely follows her passions through to the end to create an utterly unique brand experience.

Juror 2018Justin Merino