Alex Holz | Partnerships & Business Partner


Alex Holz challenges businesses to think differently about how business works and to approach innovation-driven growth with creative strategies. Disruptive thinking for an innovative future, executed with creative passion.

As a future thinker, Holz balances the needs of a company to innovate in an uncertain future where demographic shifts, sales patterns, and changing work processes bring unique challenges to the fore. By monitoring constantly-shifting customer behavior and implementing tools for process change, Holz paves the path for future successes by solving the structural and relationship problems of companies with a proactive eye for tomorrow’s world.

By pushing the boundaries with a change-centric approach to disruption, Holz works to bring positive transformation to organizations by leveraging a proactive strategy. The backbone of this strategy involves a stringent focus on internal and external communications, providing an energetic bulwark from which businesses can forge forward-thinking change that dynamically adapts to the world around them.

Holz is also a known events coordinator who has worked with C-level executives from well-known global brands including Adidas, Oracle, and BASF. With this unique insight, Holz builds bridges between the corporate and the startup worlds, adapting his professional toolset to introduce disruptive change for tomorrow’s growth.

Alongside his position at kulturspace, Holz is also the head of the Startup Program and International Center at AOK Nordost, a popular health insurance provider serving policy-holders in Berlin. He has also worked at Econique Summits, Marcus Evans, and IQPC.

Holz graduated from Hochschule Harz with a BA in Tourism Management in 2010 and is a fluent speaker of German, English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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